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TheChaserr Mobile Preset

This preset is for the Lightroom app on mobile. An Adobe subscription is NOT required to use these presets.

I am so excited to share with you my first preset, TheChaserr! After working with so many over the years, I wanted to create a preset that worked for everyone. I focussed on creating creamy soft tones that naturally smooth the skin, and shadows that make an image pop. I am so excited to hear from and see all of your creative work!​

For those that aren't familiar with how a preset works or what they are: A preset is a foundational edit you can apply to any photo. Presets are not always "one-click" and you're done; photos often need additional changes such as exposure, color corrections, or temperature depending on your personal taste. To help with questions about additional editing I am including a video sharing editing tips i've learned and specific suggestions when using TheChaserr-preset.

Instructions to Install

  • Download the zip file and save the image to your camera role (image will appear as an adobe blank raw file until downloaded into lightroom)

  • Open Lightroom

  • Add the photo from your camera roll 

  • Once the image is uploaded click the "three dots" (top right) and select "create preset." 

  • Name the preset and hit the check mark! 

  • That’s it! Now when editing a photo select presets (one of your options at the bottom of the screen) and tap your new preset! 

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